hi everybody, long time no talk? (in this format anyway) Alright so in celebration of Bandcamp’s day of action for Trans Rights, we’d like to present you with “Conversion” a NeutronFriends song sung by our friend Ashley Altadonna from The Glacial Speed Conan Neutron-Guitar, Tony Ash-Bass, Dale Crover-Drums, Sean Kirkpatrick […]

Shiny Grey Monotone Interview with Conan

Conan answered some questions from Shiny Grey Monotone. Here it is: Secret Friends are discussed, as well as Replicator, Mount Vicious, Victory and Associates all with candor and honesty. Dale Crover, David Yow, Industrial guest appearances Radio NOPE and damn near everything else. Also includes a weighty “awesome band” list […]

Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends: The Art of Murder SW014

Hello, we’ve killed again… I MEAN… put out another record. This is another Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends album. As per normal: I play guitar and do vocals. Tony Ash plays bass. Dale Crover plays drums. Toshi Kasai produces and engineers. We like it, perhaps you will too. The […]

I Heart Noise – Premieres “Avid Fan” from the Art of Murder

It is true! Boston noisenik afficianados I Heart Noise are premiering a song off of “The Art of Murder”. Their first premiere ever, EVER! What a premiere too, since this specific one also features Mr. Buzz Osborne on backup vocals. What? Yes. Buzz. The Art of Murder by Conan Neutron […]

The Art of Murder – Chesapeake Ripper

The Art of Murder by Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends First song on the second record. Engineering/Production: Toshi Kasai Vocals/Guitar: Conan Neutron Bass: Tony Ash Drums: Dale Crover “Organ”: Toshi Kasai

PRFBBQLouisville – Sept 4th-6th!

Very excited for the upcoming PRF BBQ Louisville in Kentucky. Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends will be playing and it will be a hell of a good time! Full schedule here.

Secret Friends play PRF BBQ – Chicago 2015 – June 17th-21st

5 days, 6 venues, 50 some odd bands. Food and drink to satiate the most gluttonous kings and queens. Laughter, hugs, joy, awesome time with friends, new and old, all the regular PRF BBQ jam. We will be sharing space with such notables as the Beauty Pill, the rutabega, Thoughts […]