The name of the band is: Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends.

High res Promo Photos available here.

Spangle, and sass, small scale arena rock for smart alecks and malcontents. Big riffs, critical thinking, and big smart rock for freaks, nerds and weirdos.

They’ve shared the stage with the likes of: Mclusky, Tropical Fuck Storm, Chat Pile, Big Business, Torche, Poster Children, Fatso Jetson, The Weirdos and many more. They’ve toured internationally and they have a live show that must be seen to be believed.

The band’s live lineups has a revolving cast of players. Spangle, and sass, small scale arena rock for smart alecks and malcontents. Big riffs, critical thinking, and big smart rock for freaks, nerds and weirdos. Conan Neutron is a guy, Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends is a band. It is a band whose recordings featuring Dale Crover of the mighty Melvins on drums, Tony Ash of Trophy Wives, Dead Halos and Coliseum on bass and the production skills of the iconoclastic and enigmatic Toshi Kasai. The Secret Friends bring forth a wiry and adventurous rock ‘n roll that is equal parts Cheap Trick, fugazi, Queens of the Stone Age, the Cars, and DEVO with perhaps Mean Streets era Van Halen mixed in. Big rock, big riffs, heavy, hooky, a little strange. You get it. This is big rock music that has all the bombast and energy of the classic arena rock bands, but with punk rock attitude.

The live shows are generally a four piece lineup with a revolving cast of live players. Not always the same lineup, but still the same band. Always Neutron and Ash, always awesome. With a bench deeper than a baseball team Neutron, a rock ‘n roll lifer has spent the last 23 years making records and touring in such bands as Replicator, Victory and Associates and Mount Vicious, making uncompromising, sometimes challenging and daring rock music to anybody that is interested. The latest record is a split LP with the incredible LUNG called Adult Prom on Learning Curve Records, This follos up Dangerous Nomenclature. A 3 song concept ep and Dark Passengers: the 3rd full length album and 4th full length release by the band on Learning Curve Records. After a relentless and creative 9 year run so far, with love from college radio, press and crowds alike. Neutron Friends show no sign of slowing down at all. Some people may be more familiar with the podcast, Conan Neutron’s Protonic Reversal, but make no mistake about it. Neutron is a born rocker and very good at what he does and the Secret Friends in all iterations are a world class rock band.

“It’s good! Swampy, dirty riffs.” -Gerald V. Casale, DEVO

“It’s heavy maaaaaan.” -Bob Weston, Shellac

“What’s in a name? Would ‘Kiss From a Rose’ by any other name sound so sweet?”
Easy concept, kids. Two bands that are idiosyncratic and unique and are frequently related to the cultural dead end of “project” team up for a wild concept.

THE MISSION: pick 3 song titles
Each band writes a song to the song title, without hearing or knowing anything about the other band’s work.

The title inspires the music, the lyrics, the entire approach. Certainly things have a chance of getting interesting, yes?

Anyway, what transpires is the results of this collaboration/challenge. Feast your ears upon it… if you dare!

A Selection of Reviews:

Former East Bay resident and noted purveyor of noise rock Conan Neutron brings his current tour backed by his band of Secret Friends to the Starline Social Club, sharing the stage with Welsh post-punk band Mclusky on their first U.S. tour in almost two decades. –CBS News

The music has muscle, with tough guitars and solid drumming, courtesy of Dale Crover of the Melvins. There are hooks aplenty on most of the songs, the kind that will have you repeating the refrain in your head the rest of the day, even if you don’t know what the hell they mean. Razorcake

A human wrecking ball comprised of sequined jackets, sweat, and song, Neutron has an enthusiasm on stage that is more than infectious, it’s downright plague-inducing — incurable, unstoppable. He’s the Mad Cow of frontmen. You can’t be satisfied with lukewarm rock after seeing Neutron play. He gets right in your head. Partly it’s his showmanship. He has a great presence on stage, but mostly it’s just he writes some damn good songs.-The BayBridged

“One of the most relentlessly catchy Milwaukee songs of 2022 has got to be “The Commuter,” a three-minute ditty by post-rock/power-pop outfit Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends.”Milwaukee Record

“It is not a veiled insult to say Milwaukee, Wisconsin based trio Conan Neutron and The Secret Friends have been successful and ambitious in a similarly crafted dimension of their own…” “Wit, grinning darkness, hummable jigs, and all matter of divergent focus slosh about within these personalized and inventive rock songs that’re surely the sort of mess we’d have a gaudy corporate rock umbrella term for back in the mid-90’s. The big point here is that each of these Neutronian tracks are singular events, tirades of sharply cut and intentionally faceted perspective each attempting to see light by way of precarious manipulated shadows, the full listen is inspired and ‘lost’ in its own head to great effect. I’d expect no less from the lyricist who’d brought you an alt rock record themed after the Hannibal Lecter series of novels but I suppose I wouldn’t expect as much. ” -Grizzly Butts

Music Videos

The Commuter – Directed by Mark Borchardt
Dark Passengers
Jilted Dragon – Directed by Rick Valentin
A Litany of Grievances
The Vig – Directed by Johnny Arlett
Paved Age – Directed by Ron Purtee

Contact & Social Media

Conan at neutronfriends dot com (proudly self-managed and self-booked by *CHOICE* not necessity)

Telegram App: @conanneutron

Facebook: http://facebook.com/neutronfriends

Instagram: instagram/conanneutron
Twitter: twitter.com/conanneutron

Tour Dates: Songkick.com

hashbrown: #neutronfriends


NAME: The name of the band is Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends. Conan Neutron is a guy, Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends is the band. We understand that is a lot of characters to type, write or say but that is indeed the name of the band. If abbreviation of it must happen, we prefer Neutron Friends over Conan Neutron, but it is what it is. If you would like to include “featuring members of” in any advertisements and promo material, we are happy to help, but as the live lineups change and shift all the time, please contact us first. You can always say: Replicator, Trophy Wives and Coliseum if necessary. There are many other bands, of course… but which ones would be of interest depends on the audience and lineup.

PROMO: If for some reason the promo pictures that are provided do not work for your needs, please contact us as well rather than just grabbing one off the internet. The band is very lucky to be very well photographed and the inscrutable logic of how the live show should be presented at any given moment in time is not something we would wish on an enemy to have to keep track of.

LOCATION: The band is more or less based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin but is from Oakland, California. With membership spread out over multiple states and countries and people in need of a simple answer in a world of too much information: Milwaukee, Wisconsin is fine.

LABEL: Learning Curve Records

Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends tour dates
“Good Times, All the Time” a Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends tour Documentary. Director: Erica Strout.